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Deep Under Lake Erie: Project WATCHMAN

Deep below Lake Erie there is a sprawling complex covering a vast area and large enough in some parts to contain 4 story structures. This complex is located at the Morton/Fairport salt mine on the southern shore of Lake Erie (Fairport Harbor) in the United States.

The mine is buried at a depth of 2800 feet with a foot print of nearly 20 miles under the lake and maintains a temperature of about 74 degrees year round. The complex has existed for many years and is well know to some extent. Its purpose; as a Salt mine is still in use to this day and will be for the foreseeable future. The natural resource found under lake Erie contains about 10,000 years of salt and is one of the worlds largest salt deposits ever discovered.

    So what makes this interesting you may be asking, other than it’s enormous size?

It also contains and array of scientific devices that work with the biggest mysteries of nature in the field of “Particle Physics”. This array that has been located there for the past 25 years; is known as the “Irvine–Michigan–Brookhaven (detector)”, and has been under a major upgrade for years now with a very new mission.

(Entering detector area)

The complex array of devices under Lake Erie are know as “Anti-Neutrino detectors”. These obscure yet massive devices are some of the most extraordinary types of technology we have today working with this ground breaking area of science

. The type of technology used for detection is know as a “Water Cherenkov Monitoring” tank.

These massive tanks holds 10,000 metric tons of gadolinium doped Water that facilitates the detection of neutron captures. It uses a quasi-elastic anti-neutrino-proton scattering technology, and a technique commonly called; the inverse beta decay (IBD) reaction for its core detection capabilities.

The Anti-neutrino has since its discovery; been a mystery to scientist due to the way it functions, especially the way it interacts with physical matter.
Anti-neutrino’s, when traveling move in such a way that they seem not to slow or be impeded by matter in any way at all. In other words an anti-neutrino coming in from space would hit earth; and without changing speed or direction pass unimpeded right though and out the other side as if there was nothing in the way.
(ghost particle)

And why is this type of device important to the common person you may be asking?

At the beginning these devices were originally just used to give scientist an edge on this incredible phenomenon, but now they have a new task and importances that will allow the worlds super power’s to divert international nuclear conflicts.

Since shortly after the inception of nuclear weapons there has been a massive move world wide to stop and manage the creation of nuclear weapons. This is processes is know as “Nuclear Nonproliferation”, a seemingly; near impossible thing to achieve. Until Now.

These new type of detectors will play an integral role in maintaining this capability world wide buy giving countries that posses this type of technology the ability to know for sure if another country is developing or maintaining illegal nuclear projects or weapons.

In the past we have all seen were the UN was not given access or was deceived by rogue nations to do inspections on suspected nuclear facilities, leading to the continued undetected illegal operations. These new type of detectors will give the world the ability to see and know if a nation is acting outside of its agreed course of actions.

As was stated earlier this is due to the ability of the neutrino to pass through any type of known matter meaning that there is no known way to shield or keep them from being detected by a group that possesses a detector; anywhere in the world. When a nation works with nuclear material there are neutrino’s emitted from this process and with the right technology it can be measured and detected by a foreign entity. These detectors are not a new advancement to particle physics; the new advanced feature is the way in witch they will be deployed world wide and the different types of technology that will be combined with them to create a new detection process.

(joint-multiple facilities worldwide)

This new initiative is know as “Project WATCHMAN” and is in the testing and developmental phase under Lake Erie right now.! Working with another type of technology know as “MARS” and many others; will give the world its first real way to peer into the enemies ability to work with dangerous and destabilizing materials, even if its 5,000 feet below the surface or more. This kind of technology under development, once fully deployed in multiple parts of the world could provide remote near-real-time information about reactor existence and operational status for small operating nuclear reactors out to distances of many hundreds of kilometers.

~ There will be no way to hide there nefarious actions anymore. ~

WATCHMAN (WATer CHerenkov Monitor for Anti Neutrinos)


Many more images of the mine under Lake Erie :

The Physics and Nuclear Nonproliferation Goals of WATCHMAN:

Official documents for this facility and technology

Original Watchman:

*updated Watchman (in-depth)

Remote reactor monitor*


Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway: Live Demo!


For those who think that self driving cars and cars that rely on computers and Autonomy to pilot you to your destination without you being involved in the process is a good thing; beware you need to see this post.

Its been a long time coming, and well known by many of us, for a long time that hackers could gain control of a car remotely via an exploit inside of the vehicles computer components. At first it was a isolated threat because of the limitations of Wifi and Bluetooth but now that cars are equip with GSM (cellphone) connections, it is possible to “reach out and crash someone” via a remote command.

Video demo at the bottom of this post!

As the number of connected devices explodes — from roughly 2 billion in 2010, the year of the Texas Auto Center incident, to an estimated 25 billion by 2020 — security researchers have repeatedly shown that most online devices can be hacked. Some have begun calling the “Internet of Things,” known by the abbreviation IOT, the “Internet of Targets.”

Security experts detect disturbing echoes from previous eras of rapid innovation, notably the 1990s when the World Wide Web connected hundreds of millions of people to a thrilling new online universe. Warnings about looming dangers went unheeded until viruses and cyberattacks became commonplace a few years later.

Widespread hacks on cars and other connected devices are destined to come, experts say, as they already have to nearly everything else online. It’s just a question of when the right hacking skills end up in the hands of people with sufficient motives.

Cars sold today are computers on wheels, with dozens of embedded chips running millions of lines of code. These vehicles can talk to the outside world through remote key systems, satellite radios, telematic control units, Bluetooth connections, dashboard Internet links and even wireless tire-pressure monitors. Security experts call these systems “attack surfaces,” meaning places where intrusions can start.

The next wave of attacks, researchers say, could include malicious software delivered over the Internet to disable your car’s engine, with the sender offering to revive your vehicle for a few hundred dollars. Or the new generation of wireless links between cars and their surroundings — designed to improve traffic flow and avert crashes — could enable drive-by hacks. Imagine a single infected WiFi beacon on a stretch of highway delivering a virus to every passing vehicle. STOP THE MADNESS PEOPLE!


The demo below!

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway (5min)

Follow Up info

Senate Bill Seeks Standards For Cars’ Defenses From Hackers

MORE: How to Hack a Car: Phreaked Out (Episode 2)



Another AI pioneer warns Intelligent computers could doom mankind

~ Stuart Russell

‘To those who say, well, we may never get to human-level or super intelligent AI, I would reply: It’s like driving straight toward a cliff and saying, ‘Let’s hope I run out of gas soon!’

Leading artificial intelligence pioneer Stuart Russell has compared artificial intelligence to the development of nuclear weapons. He particularly fears what will happen if AI is used in weapons and military systems. Films such as Terminator have given what some believe is a glimpse of what could happen

Professor Russell, who is a researcher at the University of California in Berkeley and the Centre for the study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University, compared the development of AI to the work that was done to develop nuclear weapons.

Contrast: Here’s what Leo Szilard wrote in 1939 after demonstrating a [nuclear] chain reaction ‘We switched everything off and went home. That night, there was very little doubt in my mind that the world was headed for grief.’

In April Professor Russell raised concerns at a United Nations meeting in Geneva over the dangers of putting military drones and weapons under the control of AI systems.

Russell; ‘How will we ensure that the rise of the machines is entirely under human control? And what will the world be like if truly intelligent computers come to coexist with humankind?’ Professor Russell said computer scientists needed to modify the goals of their research to ensure human values and objectives remain central to the development of AI technology.

See the full article here:

Stuart Russell Credentials and Information: Professor of Computer Science and Smith-Zadeh Professor in Engineering, University of California, Berkeley Adjunct Professor of Neurological Surgery, University of California, San Francisco

Stuart Russell’s Main website:

2018 Update!


Slaughterbots is a 2017 arms-control advocacy video presenting a dramatized near-future scenario where swarms of inexpensive microdrones use artificial intelligence and facial recognition to assassinate political opponents based on preprogrammed criteria. The video was released onto YouTube by the Future of Life Institute and Stuart Russell, a professor of computer science at Berkeley, on 12 November 2017. The video quickly went viral, gaining over two million views. The video was also screened to the November 2017 United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons meeting in Geneva.

Official Website Future of Humanity Institute:

Science Fiction is ever so quickly becoming Science Fact!

Right from the DOD! (sub story below be sure to read this!)

*TheDataBlitz  previous* in-depth reporting  (see also) (April 19 2015);m/2015/05/27/killer-robots-will-leave-humans-utterly-defenseless-warns-professor/ (May 27 2015)

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NO Place to HIDE: ARGUS IS / Kestrel Technologies

Image above is the actual seal of this organization!

In the near future it will become normal for local and federal governments to have multiple types of ubiquitous air platforms deployed throughout towns, neighborhoods, and cities, with the kinds of capabilities only despots dream of, all to keep you safe.

Total Information Awareness (TIA) is what they need in order to do it. Dose that sound safe.

TIA was a program of the US Information Awareness Office. It was operated from February until May 2003, before being renamed as the Terrorism Information Awareness Program.

Based on the concept of predictive policing, TIA aimed to gather detailed information about individuals in order to anticipate and prevent crimes before they are committed. As part of efforts to win the War on Terror, the program searched for all sorts of personal information in the hunt for terrorists around the globe. According to Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), TIA was the “biggest surveillance program in the history of the United States                                                   


ARGIS – IS (1.8 gigapixel camera World’s highest resolution video surveillance platform)


The ARGUS-IS, or the Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System, is a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project contracted to BAE Systems.

It delivers unprecedented situational awareness using onboard, embedded image processing algorithms.

This system is so advanced that it allows for one camera to provide such detailed video that users can collect “pattern-of-life” data and track individual people inside the footage anywhere within the field of regard.

This is accomplished by utilizing air assets (manned aircraft, drones, blimps, aerostats) to persistently loiter and record video of an area 36 square miles in diameter with enough detail to track individual pedestrians, vehicles or other objects of interest as long as the air asset remains circling above

ARGUS-IS has been classified as a Wide Area Persistent Surveillance system .

(Basically DVR a whole population from above indefinitely for future review. Hmm where was so and so on july 4th 2015, say at about 3:45pm.  Sounds safe dose it not…….)

Other WAPS systems are already being used for domestic law enforcement across the USA including Persistent Surveillance in Dayton, Ohio, Vigilant Stare as well as Pixia’s Hiper Stare. While the government has not admitted to deploying ARGUS over the USA, it has shown video in which ARGUS was used within the United States.

* Next We have another technology know as “Kestrel” *


Kestrel is another wide-area persistent surveillance system used on aerostats at U.S. forward operating bases in Afghanistan to monitor the surrounding areas.

Here is a demonstration of this technology at play.

The system is equipped with electro-optical and infrared cameras, providing day/night force protection and overwatch to troops.

Kestrel employs six cameras housed in a gimbal, providing a 360-degree panoramic view of “a city-sized area” in medium resolution.

The system allows operators to track multiple suspects at once and can automatically monitor user-designated zones or Geo Fences. Kestrel transmits imagery to the user in real time and can also record up to 30 days of events. Of cource the duration of time can easly be expanded to indefinitly with any of these systems if needed, with more storage space                                                  


This is an Operator Interface view of tis system

(from, TDBZ)                                                                                                                  You already live in 1984 and beyond!

Now; let get this information to others and put a stop to this kind of accepted surveillance by talking with others and getting active in our local communities to interface with the branches of government that accept this approach and make peaceful positive change through debate and reasonable discussions.





The “Hacking Team” Data Breach in full Spectrum / Get the Facts about this major event here.

Last year, a hacker who only went by the name “PhineasFisher” hacked the controversial surveillance tech company Gamma International, a British-German surveillance company that sells the spyware software FinFisher. He then went on to leak more than 40GB of internal data from the company, which has been long criticized for selling to repressive governments.

Once Again (he or she) has breached another major player of the surveillance, and hacking industries plaguing the world today. Be sure to watch the short promotional video for this company at the bottom of this post. (1m33sec)

The controversial Italian surveillance company Hacking Team, which sells spyware to governments all around the world, including agencies in Ethiopia, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, as well as the US Drug Enforcement Administration, has been seriously hacked.

* Someone has made 400GB of client files, contracts, financial documents, and internal emails, some as recent as 2015, publicly available for download in full below…..;)

Torrent Links:!Xx1lhChT!rbB-LQQyRypxd5bcQnqu-IMZN20ygW_lWfdHdqpKH3E
Source Codes:

The repository location included signing keys and core components of spying utilities for different operating systems (Linux, iOS, OS X, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian).

Hacking Team’s business is pretty much over.

Magnet download link available in comment section of this page

Here are the big players in this industry of oppressive surveillance

Hacking Team

Hacking Team describes its lawful interception products as “offensive technology” and has been called into question over deliveries to Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. The company’s “Remote Control System,” called DaVinci, is able, it says, to break encryption on emails, files and Internet telephony protocols…. Read More

Blue Coat

American Company Blue Coat, specialized in online security, is best known for its Internet censorship equipment. This equipment also allows for the supervision of journalists, netizens and their sources. Its censorship devices use Deep Packet Inspection, a technology employed by many western Internet Service Providers to manage network traffic and suppress unwanted connections…. Read More


Trovicor is one of the largest providers of lawful interception equipment worldwide, claiming to equip more than 100 countries. The company has been questioned, in particular during a hearing before the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights in 2010, with respect to engagement in Iran, but also in Bahrain and Syria, where torture and imprisonment of journalists and dissidents occurs on a regular basis, helped by Western technology.

Read More


 Amesys sold its EAGLE spyware to Libya while Muammar Gaddafi was still in power. It was used to spy on journalists and human rights activists there. As a result, the company is now being sued in France by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) for complicity in torture. The lawsuit is still pending…. Read More

Gamma International

Gamma International offers advanced spyware, which has repeatedly been discovered in countries who mistreat journalists, like Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The Finfisher Technology sold by Gamma International is able to read encrypted files, emails and listen in to voice over IP calls. Among the targeted was Ala’a Shehabi, a journalist, university lecturer and activist from Bahrain, now living in London…. Read More

Get an even more in-depth view of this information in this link below

They’ve been selling RCS, exploit kits and more shady darkweb tools exclusively to governments, and have done some pretty shady deals – including selling to Sudan who are basically committing genocide and Saudi Arabia. Reports Without Borders lists them as an enemy of the Internet

Impressive Coverage of this, By Cora Currier and Morgan Marquis-Boire at “The Intercept”

We’re publishing in full, for the first time, manuals explaining the prominent commercial implant software “Remote Control System,” manufactured by the Italian company Hacking Team. Despite FBI director James Comey’s dire warnings about the impact of widespread data scrambling — “criminals and terrorists would like nothing more,” he declared — Hacking Team explicitly promises on its website that its software can “defeat encryption.”

To sum things up its, an Era of the digital mercenaries!

Hacking Team Commercial: Galileo RCS “the hacking suite for governmental interception”

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