About the DataBlitz

The Data Blitz was created from the byproduct of many conversations and debates with co-workers, family, and friends; about the biggest subjects effecting society and why they needed to know about them. Conversation alone were not enough; they needed to have something they could read. Something that had in-depth explanations and credible sources.

 The Data Blitz was born!

Offering a unique line of insight and information not always in the news or having any coverage at all; we do in-depth research on obscure subjects tying into everyday technology and life.
Our goal is to have a valuable set of articles and talking points to inform the public, about the monumental changes occurring in our everyday lives.  We work on discovering new streams of news and information that in some cases have the potential to be the next big thing.

  This site contains information on

Geo Politics | the Internet | Computer Security | Global Surveillance | Advanced Technology

            Artificial Intelligence | the Police State | Global Catastrophes | Drone Weapon Systems

                GET THE WORD OUT!

Share this site with your friends and family. There is no excuse for being uninformed, get active peacefully making positive change in your area today!



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