Machine Cognition and AI Ethics at AAAI 2015 (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence)


Editor TDB): The head Futurist at Google has claimed the AI is and will reach a Sci-fi level of existence in our life times and, this will happen sooner, rather than later.

It will begin to interact and become part of our everyday lives. Part of our Bodies. Part of our very mind itself. Will U Participate? Leave your comments below.

Head Futurist at Google Ray Kurzweil is an engineer who has radically advanced the fields of speech, text and audio technology. He’s revered for his dizzying — yet convincing — writing on the advance of technology, the limits of biology and the future of the human species.

Ray has written five national best-selling books, including New York Times best sellers The Singularity Is Near (2005) and How To Create A Mind (2012).  He is a Director of Engineering at Google heading up a team developing machine intelligence and natural language understanding.

Quick Bio here from TEDtalk:

Kurzweil’s eclectic career and propensity for combining science with practical — often humanitarian — applications have inspired comparisons with Thomas Edison.” — Time

In the future, humans are going to be artificially intelligent.

Kurzweil predicts that humans will become hybrids in the 2030s. That means our brains will be able to connect directly to the cloud, where there will be thousands of computers, and those computers will augment our existing intelligence. He said the brain will connect via nanobots — tiny robots made from DNA strands.

“Our thinking then will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking,” he said.


Why a supermarket might be building the world’s most exciting robot

The robot will be completely autonomous and should be able to help with everything from fetching tools to holding objects and even assisting with cleaning and engineering tasks. The project is a collaboration between the technology arm of the online supermarket and four universities across the European Union. The robotics team at Ocado Technology believe it could become “the most advanced assistive robot in the world




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