The Covert Origins of ISIS: Evidence exposing who put ISIS in power, and how it was done.

If you plan on talking about ISIS, or are afraid of this group, it is highly advised that you review the information below to get a real perception of the threat and were it came from; that way when they do finally attack you know who did it and who to blame.

21min of pure need to know information

UPDATE 5/27/2015:

Clinton Interviews

Hillary Clinton on film has openly proclaiming “we created” Al Qaeda at 2 septate times ass seen in the above video; full plays of the statements for you review.

Example 1

1m 35sec

Example 2 Hillary Clinton: ‘We Created al-Qaeda’

And a sum up of this clam by Ben Swan.

Remember this before voting for Hillary!

The Truth Is Extreme.

NOW: The Road to World War 3


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